Aging in Neighbourhoods


From 2018 to 2019, we conducted a study to explore older adults’ experiences in their neighbourhoods in Old East Village and Argyle in London, Ontario. We worked with an advisory panel of older adults and other community partners and collected data related to older adults’ social activities, community participation, and mobility. We used methods we developed in the Aging and Connecting in Neighbourhoods study, including narrative interviews, GPS tracking combined with activity diaries and follow-up interviews, go-along interviews, and photo-based interviews. We spoke with 38 older adults residing in the two neighbourhoods.

Starting in 2020 we began sharing study findings with older adult community members and others. We ultimately hope that this study can help to increase understanding and awareness about older adults’ lives in their neighbourhoods, including the challenges they face, strategies they use, and actions that can be taken in neighbourhoods that promote the engagement and well-being of older adults in London.


Carri Hand Debbie Laliberte Rudman
Colleen McGrath Jami McFarland
Katherine Stewart Jason Gilliland
Study Advisory Panel Community partners


Publications & Other Materials

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