Building Connectedness in a
Senior’s Apartment Building


The study is involved a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach to learn about issues and take action to address them. PAR emphasizes equitable partnerships and is a method meant to foster sustainability. We worked with residents of a seniors’ apartment building and university and community partners, to understand and improve social connectedness and sense of community in the building and with the wider community.


Carri Hand
Kristin Prentice
Debbie Laliberte Rudman
Colleen McGrath
Catherine Donnelly


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Publications & Other Materials

Hand, C., McGrath, C., Laliberte Rudman, D., Donnelly, C., Sands, M. (2019). Initiating participatory action research with older adults: Lessons learned through reflexivity. Canadian Journal on Aging, 38, 512-520.

Podcast: Discussing Participatory Action Research with Dr. Carri Hand

Read the final study report.